Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring

Routine and effective utilisation of Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) in a just culture environment across the global helicopter industry.

Improve helicopter safety through provision of focus and leadership on issues concerning the manufacture, provision, support and operation of HFDM systems


Co-ordinate users requirements for HFDM systems and support and advise aircraft & equipment manufacturers in meeting those requirements.

Provide a source of expertise, information and advice for users wishing to adopt HFDM systems.

Development and communication of industry best practice on HFDM matters.

Improving Safety


HFDM recorders are able to improve safety from two angles.

Proactively, the data from recorders gives operators the ability to identify non-compliances with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), provide flight operations oversight and detect poor piloting habits. The findings can then be used to develop operational improvements in order to resolve an issue before it escalates into an incident.

After an incident, HFDM recorders improve safety reactively by granting accident investigators access to essential information regarding the circumstances of an accident. This enables deeper insight into accident causes and creates the potential for safety improvements.

Reducing Costs


The following are just some of the cost benefits to be realized through an effective HFDM program:

· Cost savings through reduction in incidents and accidents (long term)

· Operational/procedural improvements – identify operation inefficiencies through flight data, and change procedures for potential cost savings (Example: implement stabilized approach for increased fuel efficiency)

· Insurance savings based on long term safety improvements through HFDM

· Increased aircraft availability due to quicker diagnosis/investigation

· Repair savings as a result of fewer incidents and accidents or elimination of unnecessary inspections

Other Benefits


The following are just some of the other intrinsic benefits to be realized through an effective HFDM program:

· If HFDM is managed correctly utilizing just culture, an improvement in trust and respect between stakeholders is possible with a resultant improvement in communication.

· Increased communications lead to improvements not only in safety, but efficiency of operations and customer satisfaction.

· Problems and deviations are more readily identified

· Objective information and risk identification leads to accountability