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Steering Group Comments: NPRMA FAA-2010-0982279.631/27/2011Download
 Helitech - Duxford 2011
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HFDM Helitech Workshop - IntroductionSonya Tietjen 2/14/20123,744.04Download
HFDM - Technical OverviewSonya Tietjen 2/14/20122,082.78Download
HFDM Case Studies - 2011Sonya Tietjen 2/14/2012977.23Download
HFDM - A Day in the Life - CougarSonya Tietjen 2/14/20122,736.41Download
 Heli-Expo 2011
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HFDM Workshop - IntroductionSonya Tietjen 2/13/20123,744.04Download
HFDM: A Day in the Life - CougarSonya Tietjen 2/13/20122,736.41Download
HFDM Case StudiesSonya Tietjen 2/13/20122,736.41Download
HFDM Technical OverviewSonya Tietjen 2/13/20122,082.78Download
 CHC Safety & Quality Summit 2011
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FDM and Risk Management: Back to the SMS RootsSonya Tietjen 2/13/20122,953.21Download
 Helicopter Association of Canada 2011
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Pilgrim, Mike - IntroductionSonya Tietjen 3/27/20113,134.28Download
Tietjen, Sonya - HFDM and SMSSonya Tietjen 3/27/20112,534.29Download
Cramp, Tony - Customer PerspectiveSonya Tietjen 3/27/2011561.25Download
Simon, Jared - Technical OverviewSonya Tietjen 3/27/20114,993.29Download
Spring, Paul - Small Operator Case StudySonya Tietjen 3/27/20113,561.91Download
Simon, Jared - HFDM Case StudiesSonya Tietjen 3/27/2011879.45Download
Video - 1st Autopilot ExcursionSonya Tietjen 3/27/20112,736.41Download
Video - 2nd Autopilot ExcursionSonya Tietjen 3/27/20112,670.55Download
 Heli-Expo 2011 Presentations
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Heli-Expo 2011: AgendaSonya Tietjen 3/10/20112,657.29Download
Lau, Kipp: HFDM Workshop IntroductionSonya Tietjen 3/10/20112,059.10Download
Baldwin, Don: HFDM and SMSSonya Tietjen 3/10/2011781.91Download
Cramp, Tony: HFDM, A Customer PerspectiveSonya Tietjen 3/10/2011416.50Download
Lau, Kipp: HFDM ImplementationSonya Tietjen 3/10/2011608.99Download
Longridge, Tom: HFDMSonya Tietjen 3/10/20112,572.08Download
Lynch, Bob: HFDM Next StepsSonya Tietjen 3/10/20115,622.40Download
McCaroll, Larry: HFDM and SMSSonya Tietjen 3/10/20111,220.94Download
Simon, Jared: PHI LAMPSonya Tietjen 3/10/20113,610.02Download
Speaks, Kenneth: HUMS OverviewSonya Tietjen 3/10/20113,130.70Download
Spring, Paul - Case Study, Phoenix HeliFlightSonya Tietjen 3/10/20115,823.81Download
Stockhausen, Ed: Safety ReportingSonya Tietjen 3/10/2011876.86Download
Syslo, Joe: HFDM, A Manufacturers PerspectiveSonya Tietjen 3/10/20114,526.45Download
 IHSS 2010 Presentations
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