Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring

Routine and effective utilisation of Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) in a just culture environment across the global helicopter industry.

Improve helicopter safety through provision of focus and leadership on issues concerning the manufacture, provision, support and operation of HFDM systems


Co-ordinate users requirements for HFDM systems and support and advise aircraft & equipment manufacturers in meeting those requirements.

Provide a source of expertise, information and advice for users wishing to adopt HFDM systems.

Development and communication of industry best practice on HFDM matters.

FAA Releases Sweeping Helicopter Safety Rule

In a move designed to stem a spike in helicopter accidents that occurred over the past couple of decades, FAA on Feb. 20 released a comprehensive final rule that imposes a series of equipment, training and operational requirements on helicopters flown in Part 135 generally and in air ambulance missions specifically.

FAA’s rule, proposed in 2010, comes just days before the Helicopter Association International’s Heli-Expo in Anaheim, Calif., and also coincided with the release of a series of measures that the U.K. Civil Aviation Authority released Feb. 20 to address offshore helicopter safety.

For Part 135 operators, the new FAA rule calls for radio altimeters, includes over-water equipment requirements, revises alternate airport weather minimums, and strengthens pilot testing for handling in difficult conditions such as whiteout or brownout circumstances.

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